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Retailers Forum Magazine

Retailers Forum Magazine - Published monthly, provides ads and offerings from wholesalers across the United States to small stores and on-line retailers. We print and mail 60,000 monthly copies, plus post the entire magazine FREE on line monthly at www.RFmagazine.com

If you would like to receive the PRINTED MAGAZINE by mail each month, or receive a PRINTED sample issue or subscription you may order online.

Over 60,000 retail store owners and managers use our monthly magazine as a main source for wholesale merchandise and services for their operations. Many of our readers are located in rural areas where access to merchandise is difficult, thus making our magazine an integral part of their purchasing plans. We help readers source the best wholesale merchandise suppliers in the United States. Offerings include: wholesale gifts, wholesale jewelry, wholesale novelties, wholesale general merchandise, wholesale variety merchandise, wholesale electronics, wholesale apparel and accessories...all types of wholesale merchandise in all categories.

By representing your company in Retailers Forum you can be a part of selling to the multi-billion dollar retailing industry.

By reading and using Retailers Forum monthly you will discover the country's best and most reliable wholesalers and manufacturers of variety and general merchandise.

Form of Distribution:
Direct mail circulation to 60,000 retail store owners throughout the United States. Mailing list is rotated monthly from a master list of over 450,000 active retailers. Using this method we deliver new buyers to you with every issue that you advertise in. Retailers Forum is also circulated at merchandise trade shows yearly. Our on-line version is always FREE at: www.wholesalesources.com  -- but if you would like to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PRINTED VERSION, or receive a SAMPLE PRINTED COPY by mail...please order here.

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Monthly magazine featuring wholesale merchandise sources for retail stores and online sellers.

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