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In today's business news, it's surprising to read articles about large corporations that have increasing sales, but decreasing income. This prompts the question, how is it possible for a company to s ...  [+] Read More
All sales people need to have a monthly sales goal for themselves. They also need to know how they arrived at that specific goal. Many times, these goals are based upon their past sales performance, but past ...  [+] Read More
There are a number of things which you can do to prepare your business for sale; here is our advice. Preparing your company for sale is the only way to maximizing the amount of money a buyer is willing to pa ...  [+] Read More
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Here's a unique environmentally friendly product that ... [+] Read More
XiT! Heat transfers has just announced a brand new line o ... [+] Read More
Karma Circle USA features beautiful clothing and accessor ... [+] Read More
Here's a great product that will sell briskly at your ... [+] Read More
Here's a great novelty item for your business...lifes ... [+] Read More
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How many times have we heard politicians promising to bring ... [+] Read More
This month just some fodder to think about. Since the electi ... [+] Read More
I am not a smoker - tried it when I was a teenager and just ... [+] Read More
Many folks continually criticize the GOP for what they call ... [+] Read More
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Want to make the most of your time and your money? ASD Ma ... [+] Read More
The MAPIC Awards 2014 will once again reward the excellen ... [+] Read More
OFFPRICE, a trade show for retail buyers and off-price sp ... [+] Read More
The National Retail Federation’s annual show for th ... [+] Read More
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