Pandemic-Mania @ Costco

AS the world continues to go crazy over everything from whose lives matter, Stonewall Jackson and the local Governors arbitrary opening and closing of businesses, the Covid fiasco has entered a new phase… CAKES!
Apparently Costco, in their infinite wisdom, has elected to eliminate the coveted sheet cakes from their stores, citing the pandemic as the reasoning.
OK, we are reasonable people and it is hard to understand why a delicious bakery treat would be halted. But, alas, the genius minds at Costco have given their “logical” reasoning for the halting of the sheet cake.

THE loved sheet cake, regarded for its tastiness and affordable $19 cost is halted to help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing. At first I thought, hmm, social
distancing – sheet cakes are big and maybe Costco will only offer mini cookies or something. But their lunacy goes further.

COSTCO doubled down on their reasoning by citing CDC guidance from health agencies to limit large gatherings to prevent the spread of Covid 19. So, in other words Costco is going to fight Covid 19 one cake at a time!
WHILE Facebook and social media groups begged Costco to reconsider (there is a loyal sheet cake following), the store said it has no immediate plans to revive the product and will indeed replace it with a small 10-inch cake for $13 that will feed only up to a dozen people. So, thank you Costco for being on the front line in our fight against Covid and limiting the number of cake servings we can consume. You’re great patriots!

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