Hunkering Down During Corona Virus

I will spare you the countless missives on washing your hands and cleaning your work areas and get right to it.

The corona virus has become a major disruption to our retail businesses. Many malls have been forced to close and while our independent stores may be allowed to remain open, no one is shopping right now. This doesn’t help when we have bills to pay and families to take care of.

Here is where e-commerce is playing its part. Retailers who have developed their online presence are at least getting some sales to keep things moving along. The giant Amazon is actually looking to hire over 100,000 new workers so we know people are still shopping, but they are doing it online.

Now is the time to spend the extra money promoting your website. PPC’s on Google and Bing can instantly drive traffic to your site with a temporary investment. Marketing now is the key to remaining in business.

If your company doesn’t yet have a website, use this time to build one. There are many easy ways to build including and If you already have a site use this downtime to create better content and make your site more appealing.

There is going to be little we can do to mitigate the damages loss of sales will bring us now but we encourage retailers to be as proactive as possible.

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