NYC Wholesale Expo – 2 Day Format

NYC-Wholesale-Expo-Sept-2013-0101Just back from the NY Wholesale Expo at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Having done wholesale merchandise shows in New York I realize the need for this wonderful regional show to connect wholesalers and east coast buyers and couldn’t be happier that the New York show tradition continues.


Over the last several years there has been a lot of changes in the merchandise shows around the country. There is a resurgence of regional shows that are doing very well across the country and while the shows bring in less traffic than the mega-shows in Las Vegas, they are quite important to the local regional markets.


NYC Wholesale Expo Sept 2013 002One of the major changes for the NY Wholesale Expo was the creation of a 2-day trade show instead of the standard 3-4 days. This is unique and I have not seen this done before, so asked several of the wholesalers at the show how they felt about it. The response was overwhelming that as long as they got orders from the show, they were ecstatic about being able to compress 3-4 days into 2. And from what I was able to view at my day at the show, there was excellent order writing so I think most exhibitors were happy about the shortened show time.


Personally, on smaller regional shows, this new format is ideal for both the buyers and sellers. Having two days to explore the smaller show leaves plenty of time to view all of the merchandise as well as interact with the exhibitors. Being someone that drives in and uses the local lot for $50 a day, cutting a couple of days off the show can save money also!


Congratulations to the NYC Wholesale Expo for pioneering a new concept in shorter, more intense trade shows and for continuing to develop the New York City market, which we feel is one of the most viable in the USA!


What did you think about the show, or the new 2-day schedule. Blog with us!



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