ASD Vegas Summer Trade Show

August in Las Vegas – only 110 degrees, but as they say “dry heat!”  Hot is hot and off we head to Las Vegas for the ASD Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Forum Publishing will have booths at both the lobbies of Central Hall (near Registration) and upstairs at the South Hall exhibit hall entrance. We will have our current issue free for the taking as well as a display of our latest books and directories available for purchase.


We are looking forward to a well attended show and over the last year have found the show more well organized than ever which makes it quite helpful for the buyers. Having all of the booths at one convention center (although I miss Sands Expo) is a huge deal. Especially not having to ride the bus or taxi’s from one location to the other. More productivity means more time for the buyers. Hopefully they’ll use that extra time buying instead of at the blackjack tables.


We are packing to head off to Vegas on Saturday. Considering the airlines are complaining about business and profits – how come it cost me 700.00 to fly from JFK and I am in the seat all the way rear, adjacent to the toilets! It’ll be a fun flight for sure.


We will report back from the show and in the meantime invite readers to post their comments: pre – during and post show and share their thoughts on the show.


Updates of the show…Well, thanks to the generous airline I was able to “upgrade” my seat away from the toilets for just 79.00. What a deal! The day before the show when I went to set up our booth none of our freight could be found. This was a good three hour delay while the good folks at GES scrambled around to locate 5000 lbs. of freight. You would think it would be hard to misplace that much freight. With the freight found our booths were set up and I went back to crash at the Hilton. Sorry, LVH – they changed the name but should also consider changing the decor. Same old tired Hilton. Everything is so tired that they even shortened the name to LVH because it is less words to speak.


A wrap-up of the show: I think the summer show is a bit less attended than the winter one so we expected less of a turnout. In all, the show lived up to expectations and connected buyers with sellers and remains one of the premier trade shows for our industry. Earlier I longed for the days at Sands Expo and learned that the March 2013 will have the show at both the Sands and the South Halls of LVCC. Sands means Venetian hotel….just what I wanted to hear. It’ll be a great show.


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